Thermo Today.

Control your Nest the way you should.

Available in the App Store!

The features you need.

Thermo Today does what you want. Simple.

Available with a swipe.

Just swipe down your notification center, and you're ready to go.

Celcius and Fahrenheit

Prefer Fahrenheit over Celcius? Thermo Today uses the scale you want.

Home or Away

Switch between Home and Away? No need to fire up your Nest app!


Stay healthy! Check your House's humidity with a swipe.

Multiple structures

Got a Nest at home and in the office? Thermo Today got your back: No need to switch!

Multiple devices

Got multiple Nests? Thermo Today supports multiple devices. Again, no need to switch!

Thermo Today fills the missing link.

Thermo Today fills the missing link between you and your Nest. It's intuitive and fast. Just swipe and go!

  • User friendly interface.
  • Reliable and secure by using Nest's official SDK.
  • Support for multiple devices.

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